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How did you find out about that? Is there any website or link for players to post their battle results?

No, Battle Brothers is not World of Warcraft! ;)

But I have seen a few screenshots and people talking rough numbers; and I am not seeing people doing my numbers. But again, it’s not WoW; and the sample size is tiny weeny! ;)

You might already knew this. There are more or less 4 types of DPS builds:
1) pure DPS build ==> deal highest DPS against dummy target
2) highest DPS build ==> deal highest DPS per round
3) optimal DPS build (aka optimal build) ==> deal DPS where offense and defense has achieved perfect balance
4) stats maxout DPS build ==> deal DPS where all stats spent yield greatest value (diminishing return on stats is minimized to the least)

Unless personal preference, one should not choose (1) over (2) if he knows how to construct (2).
Similarly, one should not choose (4) if he can find out how to construct (3).

Since some of your brothers have 90 Melee Skill & Defense and you’re aiming to deal highest efficient damage, you’re probably assembling something between (4) and (2).

Mana: Amateur-friendly build
Invictus: I think it works for both amateur and advanced players.

Not sure if the term “amateur-friendly” sounds misleading to you.

The deadliest weapon might be deadly for different reasons:
1) deadly effect
2) it is deadly despite who uses it, even a chubby baby

On the other hand, not all builds meant for advanced players are extremely strong. It might simply mean the build is highly personalized or customized that’s why it is meant for advanced players.

You are usually cogent and easy to follow, this kinda flew by me :(

(゜д゜??) I don’t understand what you’re saying, at all.

Still, I went and googled the following keywords, which have no relevant results:
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I first seen the term “gaiz” on a forum. It was used by a young girl. Because there were both male and female members participated in the discussion, I found the term “gaiz” sounded more friendly than “guys”. It became my preferred term for “Ladies and Gentlemen”. So far no one has mentioned anything before.

( ・◇・)?Is there some kind of new non-mainstream culture which changed the meaning of “gaiz”?

Hmmm, perhaps I totally jumped the gun? I’ve never actually seen the word “gaiz,” and I automatically assumed it was an idiosyncratic spelling of “gays.” If not, I apologize. Sometimes I presume too much… :(