Reply To: Gameflow: How you end up playing?


>> But I prefer Orc ones over the others, as they are the quickest kills, since they come straight at you and don’t get too cute.
I also prefer to farm exp with Orcs because you don’t have to worry about new recruits getting killed by surprised attacks. Furthermore, there are no enemy archers to play hide and seek with you. Orcs also seem to give highest exp/battle time.

Me: If you want to convey your information to me, I don’t need the screenshot because it can’t talk. I need you. (well, screenshot should be handy in a different scenario such as team analysis but not in our case)
Invictus: You are confusing me again!

I did not run a word count on your wall of text. But at first glance I approximately guess it has about 736 words. Can your screenshot tell me that much information?

Screenshot of battle result is extremely useful for team analysis. But in our case there’s only one or two of your brothers has dealt significant damage. So the screenshot can’t tell me a lot of information about what has happened.

>> Sorry, scale is the least clothing I am prepared to wear!
You mean Coat of Scales (245 durability)? Strange. I thought you were wearing Lamellar Harness (210 durability). How you come you’re wearing heavier armor when you have understood more about offense’s pleasure?

>> The ranged guy did 2100, so not bad, though still only half of the melee guy.
If I have to give an award to either brother, I will definitely give it to ranged guy and shake his hands.

There are multiple factors that stop ranged weapon to outshine melee weapons, in terms of DAMAGE:
1) melee weapons have higher damage/fatigue cost
2) melee weapons have higher damage/ammo(usability), I’ve explained this in another recent thread(your thread)
3) Synergy between HIGH damage and battle flow ==> ranged weapons have harder time to kill enemy so it can’t make good use of battle flow compared to melee weapons. This will further increase the damage difference between melee and ranged weapons.

So the ranged guy must have given his everything to achieve 2100.

>> extremely fine tuned DPS characters

Like how?

>> I am also beginning to wonder if a 3 captain group is not superior to a 2 captain version for an extreme DPS set up.
Firstly, how do you define extreme DPS? Either way, there are several factors you can consider.

1) Brothers can’t stand on same tile so one captain will definitely be standing further than other captains. So in most situations, a brother can only enjoy benefit from 2 or less captain.

2) You can enjoy more benefit from more captains if you decided to wait for enemy (by sticking close) or use more ranged attacks.

3) Do you have that much max fatigue to enjoy full benefits from 3 captains? If your brothers have battle flow, you might not need that many captains, this also depends on how hard/fast you decided to march/advance your troops.

4) when being surrounded at start of battle(especially in jungle where not all enemies are revealed), and you’re not patient to wait for enemy to come, you will spread your team in all directions to search for enemy. If you have only 1 captain, he can only choose 1 direction to support his buddy.