Reply To: Amazing game: Some suggestions for improvement


Here are some suggestions of my own that I would like to get some feedback on from the forum community. I’ve only recently started playing so please tell me if I am wrong/ignorant of a feature.

Going back to the OP, I will agree that one quest at a time is limiting. Especially considering the slow rate of travel.

Also would like the game to prevent two quest givers in the same town to request the same quest. I’ve only seen this happen two times so far.

Quests should also tell you the danger of the location (Deadly, Challenging, etc.)

Castles, villages, and towns should have a inn or something of the sort to allow sanctuary for a night or if being chased by a stronger force.

Another option would be a camping item that you can buy from the town merchants. The campfire would provide a small source of light while slightly fastforwarding the time.

Scouting Report/Pre-Battle:
The scouts should give you a number or range of numbers describing the enemy units. Some and Many are pretty vague ranges. A better implement could be like 5 – 10 Orc Youngs. I understand that a scout’s job is dangerous requiring them to only get rough estimates while evading enemies but a number would be helpful for players, at least me anyways.

My final comment will not have anything to do with in-game stuff. Today I was browsing twitch to see what gameplay was like before I bought it, but it wasn’t even on the list of games. I don’t know how you would get twitch to do that but it would obviously broaden your player community.

Thanks for taking time to read this.