Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoEVANS UA

Your art is very,very detailed.It become better and better with every update,you love what you doing,don’t you?)
I have only one suggestion for you: All images in game are good,but faces(not hair,only faces) need some improvement(they are good,but can be better,that’s a fact)…I mean,maybe you can re-draw them(Not sure about proportions of brothers,maybe you can improve them?)…And maybe you can even make them dynamic(That’s cool indeed).Some brothers have very unhappy faces all the time,that’s not great(and some have eyes unrecognizable in closed-style helmets(like top-flat helmet with face armor)).That’s gonna be cool if you could do their faces alive(i mean emotions,angry,scared…Some brothers are already…But all the time).That’s much of work,but you’re pretty “tough” guy,don’t you?)
I know that you have much of things to do,but keep in mind that you can be even better with your art,we all already see it.
Sorry for a lot of letters,hope they could help.