Reply To: What is your favourite turn-based, nonlinear strategy (except x-coms & BB)?

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Hey there, I’m just here to drop some of my favorites. Although its pretty difficult if you really insist on non-linear :)

The only non-linear ones I can think of are the old X-Com, Civilization and Jagged Alliance.

As for linear, there are quite a few really good ones.
Lets start with “Silent Storm” (awesome cold war/sci-fi mix).
I also enjoyed some japanese squad based story tbs like vandal hearts (fantasy) or Front mission (scifi).
If you go for hardcore strategy I´d give it up to “Advance Wars” – just pure tactics with quick and fluent gameplay.
I also have to mention the alltime classic Panzer General.

So, there are more than enough examples and a really great variety of what direction you can take with TBS games. Unlimited possibilities so to speak :)


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