Reply To: How to get mad in BB in a few steps(update


Okay…Here is a math for 1-st graders:
John and Nick have a 10% of item appearing chance.
John just reloading the same founded battle where is the mob which can has such an item.
Nick already started this battle,and…Found nothing(it happens,doesnt it?)
Then Nick gonna waste another 10-15 minutes to find another place with,for example bandit leader…
He found it and againd found nothing…Then another 10 minutes,and another 15…And then,from the 5-th try for example he can find something useful.
Then we gonna count: 10+15+10+10+10 = 55 minutes
Then we gonna add a time for a battles: + 30 minutes nearly,not sure about it.Now we have 55 + 30 minutes= 85 minutes.
Now to say about John: He just reloading and retreating 5 times,wasting nearly 10-20 minutes before finding something interesting.
Now,take a look: 85 / 10 (85/20) = 8.5 (4.25)

With your idea,Nick wasted nearly 4 or 8 times more time on finding the same item,which is irrational…

Existential crysis? First,you must find out what it means,then offend the others.

My question not about finding items by “cheating”,its about possible way not to do it,to enjoy the game more,even if you didn’t find smth useful recently,because you know: next time you would be lucky.