Reply To: How to get mad in BB in a few steps(update


I enjoy the journey more than obtaining rare objects. You don’t, that’s cool.

My hope is that this is not the game you’re looking for if you’re grinding for rares. I disagree that named items need to be more common and disagree with the argument that time is wasted in seeking them. It’s the seeking that is enjoyable and unique about this game. It is difficult and unforgiving, which is appealing and the niche I think it will succeed in. I could be wrong of course.

(Side note) If one was to find that two different things are actually the same thing, then that would shake the foundations of one’s perception of existence, get it? No? Okay never-mind, I guess I was grasping after-all… I’m not a philosopher, I’m a little boy. By the way is Existential Crysis the latest Crysis game? That sounds interesting.