Reply To: Remove real time as factor when taking missions


First of all I do not want fast travel in this game.

Fair enough. I am eager to hear why and see if I can explain myself better or if we just have to agree to disagree because we value things differently.

It would make it extremely boring because what then would you do?

Play the game? Managing your mercenary squad? Fighting? Solving quests? The same as now?

Go along the road to the next town fighting whatever you come across… or do it in 3 seconds. It would get rid of the entire point that the enemies are moving too and you could run into them.

How is it more fun to do exactly what you write but do it in 30 seconds? That is just wasting time for no reason?
Perhaps this will change (I mean it’s early release), but at the moment I spend most of my time with an new squad just running back and forth between cities without fighting anyone. And it takes a lot of real life time. For what reason? Is it fun? No. Is it thrilling? No.
The game kind of starts once I have enough men and quality to take other quests like razing things. Or if I happen to be ambushed along the way or forced to protect a caravan.
So the game play don’t get different whether it takes 3 or 30 seconds to travel besides that you don’t waste as much real time.

I like having to move between the town, and what I think you want is a merc company without the roleplaying, because so much happens on the road. I recruited my fav merc when he tried to steal some supplies from when I was camped travelling to the next town. [quote]
And why cannot that happen because the pixels that move along the road before you get that event moves 5-10 times faster? ;)
I really support the real time being spent, because it makes you value your targets, and makes it more realistic.

That is fine. Personally I like to play a game, make decisions, be unlucky, be lucky, loot and so on. Sitting and watching and icon move from one place to another for a long period of time without any skill involved (besides not falling asleep) is just boring to me. Once bandits or something turns up or a random event I am interested. But between that it’s just my life wasted.
Sure… this is mostly at the start of the game… but I imagine it will be boring further on as well. Just that you travel less.