Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions

Avatar photoDenjanjeau

I am merely proving that:

– Developers know about gaming the system by save-loading.
– Developers don’t think they should address that.
– Not being able to see traits is a conscious design decision.
– Developers think that backgrounds provide enough information as-is.

Sure. And I am pointing out that what they say they want to achieve and YOU say you want to achieve isn’t achieved by how recruitment is made. Which is why I made the suggestion.

To clarify – I mean you are saying that the aim is to make users recruit mercenaries with bad traits and mold them into the band (and you provided links to devs saying this as answer to another question, but also saying similar things to the exact same issue I bring up – so you seem to agree with what devs purpose. I have nothing against that purpose. I point out the fact that the tools currently supplied does not reach that purpose. So I am not sure what you argue about?

In other words. You (and devs as it seems, althoug they haven’t answered directly in this thread) want the answer to an equation to be 4. I point out that it will be 5. So that means that if the recruitment system stands as is, both you and devs will fail to reach your purpose.

I am not sure what is hard to grasp here :) Do you question that a majority of main stream users will save/reload to avoid a harsh random recruitment system? If so (and devs question this too) then they can add statistics to be collected that I am very confident will show what I predict. Or is it (as I think you have said repeatedly) that you don’t care if people save/reload. In which case you miss the point as that actually means that the result won’t be as you and devs want for a majority of users.

I don’t think I can explain it more clearly. I am baffled about this discussion as it seems to be more about telling me that devs have made things a way and therefore my suggestion to not do it that way because it will not lead to desired results undesirable. But… isn’t the point of providing input in these forums to help out? How would you help out by uncritically applaud devs decisions even when they (assuming we agree on facts) don’t lead to the desired effect?

Don’t get me wrong – devs are (of course) in their full right to do whatever with their game. But most devs during early release invite perceptive users to spot inconsistencies and point out weaknesses. Which is what I am doing. Of course other users (like you) help out and share information and relay links to devs previous statements and so on. And that is great. But I fail to see the purpose of just repeating things like the list you repeated above. That IS relevan information that devs have stated their opinion before. Although it is totally irrelevant repeated response to my indepth analyzis of the issue.

I point out that the equation seem to end at 5 and not at 4 as devs (and you) say they want. I can show you why it ends up at 5 instead. You say that you don’t care that it will end up at 5 and that that is how the game should be. But… you have repeatedly said that you want it to end up at 4.

It.simply.doesn’t.make.sense :)