Reply To: Give enough information to make decisions


Imho the backgrounds COULD be tweaked a lttle, to give more obvious info and more variation. That’s nothing game breaking.

The answer could be in linking positive and negative traits together – instead of having 4 traits (2 bad, 2 good) we could get 2 traits that’d have their ups and downs. That way even a negative trait would have some positives and there would be no obvious positive traits. A trade off. It is the only way I can see giving more info on recruits that could potentially work out while keeping the original idea (of having imperfect men around) in mind. The “only” problem would be then in developing and balancing such system.

in my humble opinion – suggested by me above option with the disclosure of non-obvious character traits as you gain level up and game events and actions of the squad as a whole – seems logical, hardcore, and solves the problem with save/ download if for whom it is a problem.

They said something about thinking on someone’s idea of hiring a recruiter (I am not sure if that’d be just another background of a battle brother or a follower, like blacksmith et al) that could unravel more about men for hire you encounter. But it’s merely a thought from the developer on a suggestion, so take that with a pinch of salt in regards to actual implementation. It might happen or not.