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it’s not quite the topic of discussion here. then basically the same all-pictures :)
but : I hate games where there’s a certain pattern to win. a trick or imbalanced gear, a combination of special features which gives unexpectedly winning effect that allows you to easily defeat any enemy. Most often, these are some mistakes in the game mechanics of combat system. Battle brothers I really liked the fact that own mechanics is simple and most importantly – is adequate. Revision of the armor system – this is a very important step in changing the gameplay, it is very important not to stumble. And do not sacrifice realism and common sense for the sake of gameplay. light armor can not be protected from getting damaged (by any means), better than heavy. And who said that my well-trained warrior can not move quickly in heavy armor and better than this one has just hired a thief in a leather cape? This is nonsense. You can not avoid throwing spears or crossbow bolts and even hitting ax – if it is made a master blow – not your shitty movies about elves, do not delusions. So I very carefully and cautiously waiting for the new patch – it really defines me if the game makes a step forward or backward. The fact that the armor is no longer a guarantee against injuries – that’s fine, but we should not forget that the armor actually can not only prevent damage but did not even hurt at all if the strike is weak or you’re trying to break his sword slashing quality shell. As they say, let’s have to play by common rules :)