Reply To: Questions on RP elements and character progression

Avatar photoDohon

Just a few more questions with regards to RP-elements:

* We can change the name and appearance of a specific soldier. There might even be a short “history” behind each battle brother and each will have their own traits. Will there be something like a “kill-sheet”? Perhaps even an event-log (Brother Bernhard, killed 3 goblins on date X, killed 4 zombies on date y, …)?

*Are all Battle Brothers “normal” men? Or are there nobles (meaning, people with titles and properties) as well? Can we give battle brothers a title? Perhaps one can recruit an experienced and well-equipped character called Herr Friedrich von Hohenstaufen? :)

* Will we be able to have a “hall of legends” or a “memorial wall”? Just a list that shows all your battlebrothers that died and where you can view their stats and background (and “killsheet”)? Not a very important feature, but perhaps you might have a few free moments to implement it? If you guys (and gals) decide to implement it of course. :)

* With regards to character relations, it was stated that Battle Brothers wouldn’t know any “special” relations, such as love, hate, … But will there be some allowance for intra-group relations? The title refers to battle brothers, a band of soldiers/militiamen who fight alongside one another and forge a special bond because of it. This could translate to increased morale bonuses when two “veterans” fight close to eachtoher, a strong decrease in morale when one of the old soldiers dies, … Perhaps there can even be a trait-influence of some kind (a good “friend” dies due to a zombie, his surviving buddy becomes a “zombie-slayer”)? Or isn’t this something that is planned for BB?

Thanks in advance!