Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


I played 10 hoers since the patch and now I feel comfortable fighting Goblins. With a lot of losses (and ideas from other players) I have developed some good strategies to fight them, like I developed Strategies to fight orcs in the beginning. Key part for me playing the game right now is always looking who i am going to fight (bandits, orcs, wolfriders, ambushers, etc.) and prep my Brothers accordingly before the fight.

Strategie 1, against mixed groups ofgoblins: Half of the Brothers with decent or al least not absolutely terrible Range-Skills get Crossbows or, if not available, bows. Other half has shields (kite if possible) and throwing weapon + sword or spear in the packpack. Front row with shields use mostly shieldwall to protect themself and the Crossbowmen behind them. With such overwhelming Firepower the goblins go down like flies.

Strategie 2, Good against mostly Ambusher Goblin-Groups: Attack only at night, all Brothers get Shield + Sword or Spear.

Strategie 3, against Wolfriders: 3 Crossbows, rest with Shield + Sword (or Spear). Use Riposte in Melee and with the Crossbows you can get the circeling riders in range and can still shoot.

A big compliment to the Designers, the Goblins fill the intended spot very good, have a good difficuty and are fun to fight (when you get used to it). They are only too strong when you don’t adapt you strategy and to force the player to that is a good thing (in my opinion).

Stay strong.