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Just saw a hedge knight available for hire for 8000 gold.
I must say, I really love the new prices. (no sarcasm, I really do)

Biggest part of that sum is the heavy armor and weapon he carries.

Another unfortunate side-effect of the changes to the economy is that now the boring “messenger boy” phase lasts much longer. This is the worst part of battlebrothers: your party is too weak to defeat most enemies or take out their hideouts

I tend to start off like this: Do the first bandit contract, get some more men and equip, do the abandoned graveyard (take care :)).
After that i do an escort caravan or messenger contract. While walking there I always see a few locations along the road and most of them arent too difficult to take care of.

-There’s no way to buy nets. I’d love to use them more often, but I can only get them by hiring fishermen. Goblins haven’t dropped them yet.

Well check on that and discuss again internally.

quote=6082]-Is the accuracy of throwing weapons determined by the ranged skill, or entirely by the distance, no matter how skilled the user is?[/quote]
Its the ranged skill.

-When using War Dogs in battles with the militia, the militia attempts to kill them! ;( Haven’t seen melee attacks, but ranged attacks.

A bug that has been fixed by now :)

-The bandit armor decreases the max. fatigue less then regular armor with the same durability. Same for vision. Also these bandit helmets with the red cloth appear very often for me. Most of my brothers have this helmet now, and I never had to buy any new helmets.

Lucky you, I dont find a lot of those. And if I do, the people wearing them tend to get killed :)

-I still get loot from enemies I didn’t kill. Is that supposed to be this way?

Sure you didnt kill them by bleeding damage or with a wardog or something? We will see into that.

-I lost an even battle against the orcs (ugh…). So I reloaded and the orcs became stronger! I fought again, lost, reloaded, and they became even stronger! Even —> Challenging —> Deadly

That labelling system is still a bit of a trouble child. We are constantly working on that and may even come up with something else during the worldmap rework.

-The young orcs name is “Orc Young”. Shouldn’t it be “Young Orc”?

That stems from the naming system: Orc Young, Orc Berserk, Orc Warrior, Orc Warlord

An even group of goblins absolutely annihilated a challenging group of orcs, that is way overpowered.

We did a lot of tests with AI battling each other and that didnt happen to us yet. Well check it out. Its more likely to be a problem with the strength labelling system, than with the actual units.

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