Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


So, before writing this post, I watched a few streams in the game with a new patch, shared his impressions with my friends who also love this game, and some buy it for my advice (so now it turns out I am responsible :)).
What we have in the end.
Just to clarify – we will not discuss here the costs of minor inaccuracies and early access.
1. All unanimously pointed out that with the introduction of the new mechanics of armor and throwing weapons the game (of the battle) have become more randomly and, as you know – random always against players. Can someone loves random, but I personally hate it, especially in tactical turn-based games.
2. I can not know, much less ask the developers to adjust future plans for the development of the game. But it is also concluded that the next priority is to change the skill tree and the principle of level up mercenaries. Already it does not meet for battles vs new faction of goblins. Perhaps you plan to change this after the introduction of the other factions (we do not know about your plans), but otherwise we will see a picture I’ve seen on most streams – the first meeting with a group of weak goblins or equal = a new game. New game and avoiding a battle with them in the future. I do not think this is what you wanted.
3. The dog is almost useless. Not only that, I just feel sorry for them, but even I get down on their 1-2 runaway archers … so I lost two dogs – Archer fleeing bandits killed a dog on one turn, while she never got over it. I agree that the issue dog for 6 orcs it should mean to lose it – it is logical, but the dog that catches the enemy like as broken morale and dying – this is very bad. Maybe it makes sense to all the retreating enemy automatically lower the morale? They run away, don’t they? Well, a little bit to improve the dogs, since we can not level up them :)