Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.


What I’d really like to know, has anyone gotten anything higher then a 2 when leveling up melee skill on lvl 1? Lvl 1 hedgeknight, tried about 30 times to roll for the melee skill, but it’s a 2 every single time. With the new traits, shouldn’t they have at least a chance to roll something decent? Also on higher levels, I know deserters are treacherous bastards, but they still should have some decent skill with a blade. Never rolled anything other then a 2 with them and hes lvl 7 now. Maybe change the chance of rolling anything other then a 2 from 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% to something a tiny bit higher? In the previous patches you could get anyone and turn them insanely super duper skilled swordsmen, but if this keeps up even a lvl 11 swordsmaster is as skilled with a blade as a drunken peasant in the previous patch. Freezer and frying pan story.

The current situation also means that there is almost no incentive to hire more expensive mercs, since for the more important things such as melee def and melee skill, they all roll a 2 regardless of level or background.