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Write it’s not an easy post (to my knowledge of English) forced me to improve the situation with a system of skill points per level. I think everyone understands that the first option to randomly index from 2 to 5 and then as it is now – it is not very good. Melee attack and defense, regardless of background mercenary will never differ by more than 10 – 15 points even if you pump over your mercenary to 11 lvl. Knight will have an index of 80 and a farmer 70. Now, when random in game became more (and that makes me very sad) – the 10 absolutely nothing.
the following scheme to improve the skill. Driving without any specific figures – this is from the balance sheet and the developers already know better.
There is a main component (for example 1), to which is added the modifier mercenary background (for example, for battle skills all the mercenaries with “military” background receive the highest modifier civil – below, for range skill the hunters have highest modif and so on), followed by the modifier level mercenary (survive long time – the more experienced – logical ) and the last modifier – is the size of “accompanying” this ability to other skills. For example, to melee attack – is the endurance and melee def. For stamina it is health and intsiative and so on. If in the future may be subject to successful mercenary actions in combat and perks as an additional factor for such level up – even better.
Kindly note that I do not call it such modifiers and ligaments do not call specific numbers. But I think that the scheme looks more logical than the random and fixed irrational number.