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shouldn’t their armor and headgear have ‘wounds’ inflicted in a fight?

The actual reason why the gear looks so intact is that while painting I always start with a complete, undamaged suit of armor and then “destroy” it to the degree I want. With this workflow I can always go back to the original graphic or create a variety looks from the same armor.
The skeletons are not finished yet so I guess the armor will get destroyed more and more the longer I kepp on painting :)

On the other hand there is one problem: Scratches, dents and broken parts create a lot of visual “noise” especially when using small sprites like in Battle Brothers. The character becomes more difficult to read and it gets hard to tell what kind of armor he is actually wearing if it shows no clear patterns.
Furthermore I want the armor to show whether it is still intact or already lost a lot of armor points. If the armor looks too damaged from the start, it may become difficult to tell the difference between intact and damaged armor.

I could just solve the issue with some Lore: Lets assume the skeletons that raise from the dead are not fallen warriors from battle, but have been buried alive when their lord died. Like human sacrifices.
The lore is not written yet, but there will be a clear difference between zombies and skeletons. While zombies get resurrected from the “outside” (a Necromancer performing dark magic) skeletons will be resurrected from the “inside” by old and dark energies they somehow contain themselves.
Something like that :) Thats also explaining why the necromancer is a living human, but the Lich is undead.

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