Reply To: Build Discussion of the patch.

Avatar photoSazin

1) When battle brother dies, his gear goes to hell. All of it.
2) I don’t do savescumming at all and after update game is really difficult now. After surviving 20 days (mostly running deliveries between towns cause everything else is not possible) I have to play from beginning cause werewolves are faster, they get in numbers way faster than I can lv and gear up my guys (w/o taking loot from enemies slain by npc it takes 4x more time to gear up and get some reasonable gold thanks to the point no 1). Before this update game name was ‘Battle Brothers’. After update it’s “Beggars inc. Express deliveries.”
3) Dogs. I find these very helpful. Begs for some stats and lvling. Negative stats to carrying them brothers are rly frustrating.
4) Add some ‘find quest city/place’ button. When displaying quest about razing/clearing something in town add danger value of this place in brackets – will spare some time.