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@ Gorlum I guess I am a little stuck in thinking that Battle Brothers is X and XI century. I agree bucklers should be more useful. Going from a wooden, to iron, to steel buckler with appropriate durability upgrades and maybe some skill boasts would keep the buckler useful throughout the game and not just serve as a poor mans shield at the beginning of the game.

@ Sarissofoi For me duel welding is pretty much a no no. It never really happened [on the battle field] historically unless you count the shield as a weapon. Whilst dueling with sword and dagger existed and we have lots of manuals etc its simple because of expediency, a dagger was convenient to carry a shield or even a buckler was not. That duel welding was not used on the battle field suggests to me that it was not that effective (at least sword/axe/mace/hammer/spear and sheild was more effective) and not something that our Battle Brothers would do. Of course no one is going to force anyone to equip their Battle Brothers with duel weapons but it strikes me as being about playing up to a gaming trope more than anything else.