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Will be bascinets be in the game or are they too late for the period you are aiming for?

I decided to not implement them for now. Allthough I know that there are other inconsistencies already (Billhook, Warhammer…).
I wont promise anything but there is a chance they’ll make it in eventually.

Also will there be crests on some of the helmets?

Thats the plan :) I wont tackle this before the faction rework for the worldmap. We have to come up with a good system to allow as many color/emblem/shields/coats combinations as possible without causing too much work. After I exactly know how the factions will look like I can add some eye candy for special characters.

And last will there be some kind of pseudo-christianity or other religion in the world of BB?

There are already references to a pseudo christian belief (monk background for example) and other religions (cultist background). We decided to keep the infos on these religions vague for now as we dont feel religion should play a big part in the game.
This may change with future expansions though.

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