Reply To: Before the new big step forward


Pillar of Eternity suffers because of it, in fact. You have to min/max a lot because otherwise your character ends up doing nothing in combat (mainly because of flat damage reduction instead of %)

That’s the fault of the high flat damage reduction rather than less binary outcomes, surely… but I think you point that out later in your post yourself.

Rusbear: I certainly appreciate you telling us Rusbear, and I’m not even the game developer haha. I think folks who like very heavily tactical games don’t appreciate the luck aspects so much. I find swingy randomness easier to forgive in Darkest Dungeon becos I’m controlling a small squad of 4 in simplifeid positions. DD’s main draw to me is the flavour; the game is oozing that dark and despair flavour like crazy. Even then, folks complain about the randomness thre as well (and unlike BB you can’t load a previous save hahaha)

Battle brothers, you control up to 12 pcs on a full tactical hexagonal grid. Yeah, I can see how the folks who enjoy playing with that setting may want luck to play less of a role.