Reply To: Map Rotation Bugs


so, here are a couple HILARIOUS bugs (or visual flaws if you will) I’ve found while playing.
ALL of these are GUARANTEED to happen, so long as you have the map view rotated to the south, rather then the default north.
– arrows and other ranged attacks fly through the air either backwards or sideways (when I first noticed it, I thought my archers were so terrible, they were putting their arrows in backwards and side ways, trying to hit targets with the feathered ends XD )
– goblin wolf riders are slightly askew when riding their wolves, making it look like they’re having a piggy-back-ride rather than sitting in the saddle.
– heads that fly after a decapitation will start their flight in an adjacent tile from the tile that their previous owner was, and the head will land in a different spot compared to the direction it was going. (hard to notice half the time, depending on the direction the head flies)
– enemy weapons are slightly askew, similar to the goblin wolf riders mentioned above, as if they’re trying to hold the sword and shield in a single hand. (no, they are not having a piggy-back-ride on their weapons like pogo sticks)
so far these are the only ones I’ve noticed, but I’m sure there are more visual glitches I havn’t noticed yet. I’ll keep an eye out, since I use the map rotation often while playing.
I’ll supply a screen shot in a couple hours, once I get home from work