Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!

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just thought i would tag onto this, I picked up the game again after a few months break to have a look at the stuff and reinvent the Crusading carrots

I got a bit into the game before i really came up against the goblins in a tiny hut (met them before but it was with a large patrol party and caravan so didnt even cross swords with them)

and goblins.OH MY GOD TINY NINJAS OF MULTIPLE DEATH!! i mean these things should have conquered the world by now surely! with 12 lvl 4 ish guys reasonably well armed and doing the rounds without a single casualty so far (not save spamming but i played enough to keep my guys alive) there were 8 of them they wiped the floor with 6 of my guys 3 before i have even got into combat with the buggers.

I only saw their archers miss when they were ready to run, tiny cleavers and spears made short work of my heavily armoured guys…….

i like a challenge but these things seriously damage my calm, fun to fight something a bit less predictable but they are only short of firing laser beams from their arse!