Reply To: Super Awesome Ninja Goblin Fun Time!


I don’t understand why goblins give people hard times, even early game. Goblins strength is the thrown weapons/archers. Simple counter, pull them at night, and have shields equip’d. Rush your shields straight into the melee, save 2 shield brothers to rush towards the archers. The archers will either stay where they are so u can Body anchor them, and then they are lambs to slaughter or they back pedal like retards, either way effectively nuetralizing them. Only thing deadly with the goblins are the crossbow user. But shield/night time, he will miss 90% of the time, and more than likely will hit his own goblins.

Before people say rushing the melee goblins is bad, the reason this works is 70% of the goblins have switched to bolas and such, so yes they will toss one at you, and some more the next turn, making them waste more actions switching back to their melee weapon, or standing there with out a melee/shield making them super easy to kill. your men with shield/leather armor/mail armor should have no problems surviving the bolas, yah nets sucks but shouldn’t be to much of an issue. Only thing u should have to watch out for is the pike users, they should be your first melee goblins you kill.

For all my battle brothers but my 2 captains I go Shield Master->Hold out->Collosos->Nimble->bags and belts->quick hands->Pathfinder->brawny->fortified mind->foot work

So against goblins I start the battle with shields/axes equiped use my above strategy

Against orcs, u abuse nimble with war hammers, makes them a joke. (late game you will have 20+ warriors, make sure your weapons are repaired of have a back up, you can break them by the end of the fight, also your captain with the fatigue restore, have him kinda float in the back till around turn 5, so he has the fatigue to use it, it costs 40 fatigue)

Humans its debatable if they have a lot of archers use shield/warhammer/axes if there isn’t a lot of archers go nimble and mow them down

Undead is also debatable, tons of archers use shield till their dead, switch to single, vampires are a joke with nimble, also banshees shouldn’t be a problem around 7-8 with your captains

Werewolf, they are a joke with a shield, even more a joke with nimble.

all my brothers I have War hammer, combat axe, 2 shields(I like the orc warrior shields late game) and Bolas/Throwing spears equiped.

Captains I take 1 all the way up utility for the 2 differnt traits they have, then down defense tree. same equipment.

PS if you see a sword master for hire, do what u have to recruit them, they are the best unit in the game IMO they start with 20+ melee def, and 70+ melee, always have decent resolve, only weakness is a low hp pool, usually 40. Late game u can equip them with noble sword, sit in counter stance and do quite a lot of damage.