Reply To: Ditch the Player Character (PC) already!


I’d like an additional starting battle brother: myself. as SpiritoftheWolf said, it worked in XCOM because in XCOM you could be seeing the battle through like a UAV or something from your command room back at base, but that kind of tech doesn’t exist in this world. I feel that a real mercenary commander would be WITH his brothers, not floating above them completely detached from the triumphs or defeats of the battle. Like in Mount and Blade: Warband, you can give orders and crap but you can fight yourself, too, and you are encouraged to do so.

If you are the medieval space captain commanding your men, how did you get like that? all my companions’ (well, i only have one left but thats not the point) were personal friends of mine, then how come i’m not down there bleeding with them, fighting alongside them, and dying with them? If they’re such close friends, why am I so physically detached from them in battle, but in cities and villages i’m walking alongside them?

The current system kind of works, but if I had my own battle brother to project myself on to, then it would definitely enhance my in-game experience.