Reply To: Ditch the Player Character (PC) already!


I don’t want the point of view to change, I like the current system of battle, its just that if I’m a commander of a mercenary company of battle brothers, if I am my men’s brother and they are mine, then why can’t there just be one more little character bust, the one that you are supposed to be? Combat should stay as it is, but I think you should have your avatar fighting with your men’s.

If your PC dies, then you transfer command to your next-best dude, or one of your choosing (your “will” if you will) and have command shift from the original commander to a new one, taking up the burden since the founder died. You would still control him, and all your battle brothers as normal, but your starting character would be replaced by the new brother commander.

An example:

Commander Hadvar started a mercenary band with his buddies Aldemar, Jonas, and Hilmar the Wolf. In a battle with a much larger party of bandits, Hadvar died heroically, sacrificing his own life to save his men’s. Grieved by this loss, Aldemar, Hilmar and Jonas decided that Hilmar the Wolf, Hadvar’s closest friend in life, should succeed the brave commander.

(Now you, the PC, shed the identity of Commander Hadvar, who is now quite dead, and assume the identity of Hilmar the Wolf in the text boxes that supply some of the RPG elements to the game)