Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies


Goblins are simple to beat, pull them at nite when u they have a 50% less chance to hit, and wear shields, only a rare lucky shot will get you. If you don’t want to chase them down buy a couple wardogs.

Nimble in the defense tree is the best way to handle orcs, they are the end game. Invest into mdef every level, get nimble, equip warhammers/dagger, destroy orcs with ease. Only a rare hit will get in with a decent nimble build, theres a 5% to get hit regardless of your mdef atm, but with decent armor u can survive 1 hit just fine.

I personally go down the utility tree for the 50% less cost on armor and the morale break talent then go fowj defense tree for nimble, haven’t lost a battle brother in 3 games this route.