Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoDanubian

I go utility for armor cost thingie, and then switch to defense to pick up that one which makes you immune to morale damage, so i can fight those damned ghost thingies.

I put my level up points on HP, fatigue and melee offense. What do you suggest i do instead? HP, fatigue and mdef?


Look at this. Im fighting the Young Orcs. Everything is going fine. Im managing to beat them. And then the bottom most Orc decides to murder my bottom most brother in 2 hits. Sure the guy is at 70% hp, but he also wears armor. Doesnt matter. Orc hits him twice and he is dead. Bam bam dead. Sorry but thats just ridiculous. Sure if i was wearing low level 20 armor, but come on…