Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies


The thing about Battle Brothers is you need to go into the game knowing you’re going to lose some guys during play, and I think it’ll be easier to do that once the devs expand our company size.

Once you can have more than 12 guys in your army and can choose who will fight on the battlefield that day, it should be considerably easier to have battle brothers that are your sacrificial lambs, or battle brothers that are specialized at fighting orcs – etc. But as the game is now, I never go into a fight thinking “I’m going to come out clean,” because all it takes is a brief spurt of bad luck or bad positioning to ruin your day… and that’s kind of the point.

I understand the concept of glass cannons (no defense, all offense), and i have no problem with it in games.

However the issue here is about what the balance should be.

It is about that. And the way that berserkers are balanced is they’re easy to kill if you snipe the ones that are going to be deadly (the ones with the two-handed axes) first, and you can stop their charge with some fairly basic tactics (such as spearwalls and supernimbletankdudes). This isn’t to say those tactics will make you immune to losing a guy to them. It just means you’re not as likely to lose a guy to them.

Also, always keep in mind what sort of weapons a berserker is wielding. If they’re wielding a two-handed weapon (besides warbrands and jagged pikes which I’ve never seen Berserkers wield), you’ll be able to keep them from hitting you by stepping back, essentially. It takes 6 or 7 AP (I forget which) for them to attack you when they’ve got a two-handed axe, for example. Shift your lines and let them come closer, then swarm them all at once, killing the most dangerous targets first.

That heather shield was destroyed from 1 shield breaking hit done by that orc standing beside the green armor guy, i believe it was wielding the common Orc axe.

Yeah, that’s… not good. I don’t remember that happening, but that’s a thing that shouldn’t happen.

I wonder if this is meant to encourage players to go down the Defense tree? Because right now I only use the Defense tree on specialized tanks like the Nimble Tank. I’ve seen orc warriors with one-handed axes break a heater shield in two hits, though. But one? That’s a bad day.

And I agree, that should not happen with a one-handed axe. I can see a two-handed sword or two-handed axe doing that… but a one-handed axe? Unless maybe it was an upgraded, rare axe?

They do drop, by the way. Sometimes you’ll see an orcish weapon that looks exactly like the other orcish weapons but has better stats. I’m pretty sure that can apply to shield damage. You might have gone up against such an enemy.