Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoDanubian

None of the enemies are OP. They all have several weaknesses and it’s up to the player to exploit them.

Show me a battle where you killed 10+ Orc Warriors. Screenshot, video, anything.

Crossbows beat bows, hands down. They hit harder than an aimed shot, cost 5 less fatigue including reload, costs only 5 stamina if you don’t reload, have +20% to hit, and can be fast swapped via Quick Hands for 2 shots or even 3 with the Berserk skill. And using a goblin crossbow gives neat tactical options with its knock-back ability. Crossbows wreck everything except Lost Souls and skeletons.

But they dont beat bows once you have level 10+ archers with 70+ archery who can hit twice per turn with normal shot. At least not according to my experiments. In any case if you have 6 crossbows youre not going to kill a single Orc Warrior before it gets to your first line. And thats an indication that an enemy is not balanced.

Orcs – Their ranged capabilities suck so they HAVE to come to you. Pick your ground and fight or just fall back to the edge of the map and retreat to fight them on another map. Use spearwall to give your ranged brothers 2-4 turns to shoot up the soft berserkers or young. Your highest priority targets should be any orc with an axe so they don’t have time to break your shields (use goblin nets to pin axe carrying orc warriors and buy more shooting time). Carry extra shields. When the melee combat is joined, move your ranged brothers into the backs of your men. They’ll have decent enough shots but more importantly the orcs won’t be able to knock your frontliners out of position.

Again next time you fight 10+ Orc Warriors take a screenshot or better yet make a video, i would really like to see how you fight those totally-not-OP enemies with spearwall and crossbows.