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In the screenshots Psen has posted, we can clearly see the differences between the towns / forts / etc. But can we notice that on the worldmap at a glance? That’s what I’m asking.

to clarify this: At the moment there are 6 Types of settlements subdivided in two basic categories.
Type 1: Military: Motte-> Small Castle -> Big Castle
Type 2 Civilian: Townhall -> Mayor Hall -> City Hall
You will see what exact type of Settlement it is on the worldmap.
What we wont have is different “looks” for each of the 6 Types. There will be overpainted versions for the snowy regions (snow on the roofs etc).
The settlements on thw rodlmap will look different depending on the amount of houses surrounding it and the attached locations.
When you enter the settlements the village screen may be very diverse, depending on the avalaible interactive buildings.

I know sometimes its hard to understand why we are so strict regarding anything that is not “make or break” for the game. But if we dont leave everything out that is not 100% neccessary this project would totally fail with just the 3 of us working on it.

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