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Thanks for the kind words. I am impressed the demo kept you entertained all weekend – now that is encouraging for us to hear ;)

1) Larger battles. Will there be an option to control more than just 12 battle brothers? I really hope so, even if it’s 14 or 16 max would make a big difference. Bigger the battles the bigger the fun ;)

The current limit is set at 12 per battle because at some point managing more people could really strain the player’s ability to keep track of everything, not to mention rounds taking forever. That number is not set in stone, though, and we’ll see how it plays for a while and whether we should keep it like this.

2) Battlefield types. As the game progresses and the player travels to ruins, will we be able to go and fight inside dungeons for example? Will there be any fighting done indoors at all? Might be a nice change of pace!

Definately! Once we have all the basics in place we’ll add more terrain types for tactical maps, including indoor terrain (dungeons, caves, etc).

3) Release date. A big portion of the game is already done, about when can we expect to see the final game? I can’t wait! Any opportunities to beta test the full game?

The release date at this point depends heavily on when and how we can secure funding to go into full production. We’re aiming for a finished game in about a year from now. However, in all likelihood we’ll have an early access version quite some time before that which will allow you to play the game with most features in place and some content still left to add.

4) I have one idea that that might make things more interesting. During a battle the battle brothers are quiet, while different enemies growl or howl, ect. I’d like to see Battle Brothers yell out things at different times during battle. Maybe when a Battle Brother kills an enemy with one blow of his two handed sword he gives a victor yell! Maybe another can call out “charge” or some other words of encouragement to motivate the others. Different yells or screams when seriously injured during a battle can spice things up.

I think that’s a great idea. It has actually come up in our internal discussions before, but would obviously require a substantial amount of additional sounds. It’s not a high priority for us but something we’d like to do as we progress further on in development. A rich soundscape like that, imo, is important to have the battles feel lively especially in light of us having only very limited animations.

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