Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

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The issue is that for the early and middle stages of the game Orcs Warriors – a mortal enemy. 5-6 orc warriors smear your party level 4-5 for a few rounds without a chance. It’s all clear and the dispute itself is only in the way that some say “I won”, while others say – “it is impossible”. Perhaps, they were just different levels of troops :).

I think this is pretty spot on. It doesn’t apply to all the arguments, but it’s definitely true. I play carefully around orcs until I’m confident in the abilities of my army… at least, that’s the case until I get offered a sum of money I can’t refuse.

I had a case when an orc warrior one surrounded by three of my brothers stood at a low level – I had 6 misses streak to him with a chance to 60+. But he answered 4 times hit in the head and almost killed two of my 11 brothers leveled in excellent armor to perk cancellation critical blow to the head and perk on umeshenny damage through armor.

That’s part of the randomness of the game, as you mention later in your post. It can swing in your favor, too. I’ve had an archer with a 5% chance to hit ghosts kill 3 in one turn thanks to perfect Focus, and an archer with only two shots kill 2 ghosts. It’s all about how the dice roll.

I’m going to draw a comparison to another video game: Battle for Wesnoth. Like Battle Brothers, it’s a turn-based strategy game with RPG elements. Battle for Wesnoth is incredibly similar in the cases of hits vs. misses; either you hit an enemy or you miss them and that’s that, and there’s no such thing as a 100% chance to hit. Ergo, there have been times during that game when I had a 90% chance to hit an enemy, had 4 attacks in that round, and the enemy had to hit me three times in a row (out of three attacks) with a 20% chance to kill me… and in that melee engagement, my guy with the hugely greater chances of winning would die. Bad RNG? Yeah, but that’s just how random numbers work. They’re random. But the big thing is: while that was bad for me, I was able to turn the tide despite the loss of one of my best units and win the battle, albeit no longer having that fellow in my retinue did hurt.

Battle Brothers is very similar. Yeah, bad luck can happen, but if you’re planning the battle right, you can mitigate the effect of that luck. If you play by saving and loading, you can avoid bad luck altogether, but otherwise… you really just have to learn to roll with the punches.

Some people don’t like that in a game that involves strategy, but I’d argue that it keeps you on edge and adds realism and adds fun. There’s a bit more anticipation that accompanies each move: will your Battle Brother be able to survive that round? Will that darned Goblin Ambusher get another couple of lucky shots off? Will the enemy rush at your seemingly exposed flank, which is a trap, or charge somewhere else?