Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoJaffai

Well my guy cant obviously tank orc warriors, but he can kill 3 warriors in one turn. The key is perfect focus, battle flow, maxing max fat and melee attack. Play around with perfect focus, its insanely good skill. You need guy with Rally too and tanks which will prevent orc warriors to attack you perfect focus guys. The guy you posted is filling the tank role, they arent expected to make major damage.

I dont want to sound cocky or anything, but you are spreading your points all over the board. Your guy has too much max fatigue if you are playing with rally. I dont see point to build up hp that much, but maybe I’m wrong.
Difficulty level doesnt make orc warriors harder, if you hover your cursor over difficulty levels you see what is difference between them.

All the points in melee attack, melee defense and ranged attack. I have been playing around with dodge, I really starting to like it. End game is all about material of your brothers, I end up starting new game after I have lvl 11 guys.

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