Reply To: [suggestion] Clearly unbalanced enemies

Avatar photoDanubian

I dont want to sound cocky or anything, but you are spreading your points all over the board.

Maybe? My first priority is to get mobility (the skill that reduces movement penalties in elevetions so i can chase stupid goblins), get those utility skills that allow for weapon swapping, get that skill that reduces fatigue from armors (silly me assuming that armors are something that actually makes your bros survive in melee), and then pretty much focus on getting that skill which prevents them from panicking when fighting enemies that attack morale (those ghosts). I never took that when i played first time so when i ran into ghosts they all broke and ran away.

I will however try out some things you posted.

Your guy has too much max fatigue if you are playing with rally. I dont see point to build up hp that much, but maybe I’m wrong.

I wasnt playing with rally, my thinking was “lets build a melee with a lot of max fatigue that can go out dish damage and survive”. Thats what i kept going for, until someone say “ditch the shield and go for nimble” so i tried that out, and i must say im loving. Other than the fact that ive now encountered another problem. Now i can survive Orc Warriors (unless my bros get surrounded), the problem is, i cant deal enough damage fast enough with 1handed weapons to kill them before they surround me (which is why i keep saying that fighting a couple of them with this build is alright, but i cant beat them if theres more than like 8 or 10). If so they will surround my nimble tankers and then the rest goes for bow/crossbowmen/second line melees with 2 handed weapons and slaughter them.

Perhaps i need to ditch nimble and focus on some sort of 2 handed build (instead of trying to survive them, try to deal as much damage as possible).

Difficulty level doesnt make orc warriors harder, if you hover your cursor over difficulty levels you see what is difference between them.

Yeah exactly. It doesnt. But it should. There should be the lowest difficulty setting where you dont need to perfectly optimize your party to do some things. You know for people who enjoy playing casual tactical battles (like i do). BB right now is just too much unforgiving, maybe youre right, maybe there is a way to figure out a perfect build that would allow one to beat any enemy. Its just that 99% of people playing games are not willing to put 10s of hours into figuring that out, and i feel that if this is the game design philosophy, devs might end up making a game that appeals to a very small number of players that want a very specific (very hard) experience. And IMO thats bad.