Reply To: Observations

Avatar photoDrustos

Hey, just registered an account to say I think this game looks awesome and I’ve had a lot of fun with the combat demo so far. As a big fan of X-com and medieval RPGs, I’m really looking forward to further updates and am hopeful for the eventual release.

One thing I’ve noticed during the game is that, due to near constant distance issues and the way LOS and LOS blocking works, ranged weapons seem to almost always have a significantly lower to-hit rate than their melee counterparts – especially swords and spears – which doesn’t seem fair when they seem to do so little damage in comparison, and leave the archer so vulnerable without a shield, and having to switch weapons and eat up their AP when they are engaged.

And a question I wanted to ask: Since there are necromancers in the game, will the player ever be able to command a magic-user of their own?