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interesting ideas but I feel like part of the charm of Battle Brothers is the theme of perishable troops. Having more than what we’d use in battle would lessen the sting of losing a brother and thus the tension in battle. The other thing that gives Battle Brothers its character would be the characters themselves. How you develop your brothers and how they work together is all sorts of fun. It also means that when you lose 2 or 4 or more brothers you can redesign your company. Having more brothers than we can use also means we could substitute men in depending upon enemy type. This would do 2 things. Makes enemies weaker/game less fun because the player could always have the optimal team for all enemies. Secondly, with so many up-gradable brothers our choices while upgrading troops matter less. If we can have 18-24 brothers then we can have everything we want and creating your company becomes less about personal customization and more about simply building up the standard group capable of doing anything.