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Happy to hear that you like the game!

Regarding mechanics we can not say if they will have any different mechanics or so. This is also a bit of thin ice as people can easily get offended by any differences that “reinforce stereotypes” or gender roles …

Well, the “stereotypes” were at least somewhat physically defined. The combat of the time put most women at a great disadvantage. It’s just the way we evolved? That being said, I could see specialists like sharpshooter archers. Before I get flamed too badly, being the coach for my wife during childbirth removed any “macho” illusions I may have had left. So, while I don’t think you should shy away hedge knight women, they should be a little uncommon. Well, maybe not. Mercenary life would appeal to such hedge knights. Well, support troops sounds like it could have interesting and creative uses.

Plus, think of the fun involved with mixed units! Hmmm … random jealousy in the ranks? Monks that flip out when in the same battle line as women? A female hedge knight that has a habit of inciting jealousy between brothers to fight boredom? Hee hee! Have fun!

In a single player game, there's no such thing as cheating. It's merely "creative manipulation of the default settings"!