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Hi, I’m loving the game so far! I’m very excited to see where it goes!
I’ve found two bugs so far while playing. I have found that I can’t use my mousewheel to zoom in or scroll up. On the map, if I zoom out with the mousewheel, I’m forced to use ‘+’ to zoom back in, the mousewheel zooms out in both directions. In the inventory or hiring screens, I can only scroll down, the mousewheel scrolls downward in both directions. Its only a problem on the battlemap, since there is no key that I’ve found to zoom in, once I’ve zoomed out I’m stuck there. Is there a hotkey to zoom in on the battlemap?

That’s odd, to say the least. Never heard of this. Are you sure your mouse isn’t at fault?

I’ve only had one fatal problem and that was this afternoon. I was on the battlemap and was suddenly unable to do anything. I could still move the mouse and highlight objects, but I couldn’t end a turn, move, etc.. I tried to get a screenshot, but it doesn’t look like it happened. It’s probably not terribly helpful in this case, anyway.

Thanks for reporting this.

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