Reply To: Problems with rng

Avatar photoJeuparfois

I know this post is kinda old, but I did experienced the same “issue”.

I find myself calculating 10 to 15% below in melee to counterpart this. Ranged is not a problem, because of non-retaliation.

Maybe rng are “true” on the long term, but battle-lenght they don’t seem about right, in my experience of course.
I mean, if on a d6 I get a hundred times 1 in a row, on 600 rolls, it would still be right but not gameplay-wise appreciable.
A way to adjust them on short term maybe ? For a flatter chance, opposing to sheer luck/bad luck.

Losing a character due to some turns against all odds is more “game-breaking”, and marking, than the opposite, obviously.
I don’t mind losing a character (despise consequent time to level up) but I dislike when it strikes as overwhelming unfair (and tends to retreat/load for a cheap reason, wich I don’t enjoy either).
Would gladly trade plain good luck for no more plain bad luck.

Well, that’s the only thing I became fustrated with this game, at times, so it’s not such a major flaw, but still.
Of course, again, my opinion in what I subjectively notice.