Reply To: a couple questions

Avatar photoRap

There’ll be a rusty/old variant of some of the weapons for skeletons to use, the regular one already in the game, and one or two named and possibly magical ones hidden in the world. So I guess that’s three tiers. We won’t do extensive quality levels (well made, finely crafted, etc), though, or do D&D-like +1, +2 tiers. Generally speaking, low level equipment will remain kind-of-viable all through the game in the sense that it will never be completely outleveled or entirely ineffective. Getting hit with a rusty Greatsword on the head can still kill any man.

None of the enemies get a to-hit bonus when you leave their zone of control currently, it must have been bad luck ;)

Thanks for the feedback regarding the werewolves. There’s still a lot of work to be done with the AI, especially as we get to more intelligent enemies than the undead mob.

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