Reply To: Paul´s Art Corner

Avatar photoKnight_Marius

I thought my excitement was moderated before I had come to our dear artist’s Paul little art portfolio. However a brief glance at some of his work sparked my interest wildly, its wonderful to see how the game has and is continuing to evolve step by step and I hope Paul keeps the hungry fire of his artistic passion lit for many years to come.
As a medieval fighter myself there are many things I could suggest in terms of period correct costume, tools, arms and armor and so forth.
Two small things I wanted to mention for now, regarding the undead I hope we can keep the Fallen Hero’s in a slightly updated state still very similar to the current one and about the loot-able treasures and quest rewards I wanted to suggest a few namely (The bones of a martyr or saint in a glass box for the clergy, a gold/silver cross, ancient pagan medallion, a marble bust of a noble ruler, Ivory statues etc).
Before I go I wanted to leave link with some amazing art