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2. Reputation Degradation
Reputation degrades WAY too quickly. Consider this: if I want to work on my reputation with a village, I have to pray that the village gives me multiple jobs in a row, because it will cease being “open” to me and start being “neutral” with 1-2 day’s time passing. I just can’t keep any villages to stay friendly with me. The same goes for the noble houses: they’re cool and all, but when you get stuck doing patrols, you just can’t progress with their reputation too well.
Case in point: It’s Day 70, my reputation is Glorious (2885), and the only reputations I have are Neutral, Neutral, and Open. That’s a problem.

agree, of course we all know that people will remember for a long time only the evil and the good instantly forget, but can at least in our game is a little bit better? :)


I must admit that the question of localization becomes all the sharper and sharper…