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Nothing new? ^^

Having the old and the new starting screen in direct comparison, one can see the huge improvement made.
I think of the merc depicted on the left, that he must have or had a leading position, since he stands so upright(he has to act as a model after all), compared to the other two, who seem to be a little more worn out.
But exactly that is awesome. It shows that such a way of living comes at a cost – it wears you out, emaciates you. That is why I would have loved it, if you would have kept the sitting merc smoking (He does smoke a pipe, doesn’t he?). It would have emphasized, the wearing-out effect, but also makes him appear to brood about something(perhaps about recent events or he is questioning the live he chose, and with the look at the city in the distance, maybe even hoping for a better future).
As it is now, with his torso bent forward while sitting but his head held high, he seems to be apathetic, the only one, that is not looking at their destination. If the two do look at their destination, then, I think, the head of the one with the boar spear is turned a little bit too far to the right; nothing of his face should be seen, but one can see the right eye slit of his helmet, so he must look at something more to the right – the ocean?

But I guess, it is finished and won’t be touched again, will it?