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Avatar photospamtaboo

It looks like nobody had yet brought up a subject that is of a great concern to me. I have been given a patrol quest by one of the noble houses. I was able to reach the first location, next step I am being sent to “patrol a road to Weissenfels”. I spent like 20 minutes of walking back and forth around the map. Since it is a beggining of the game and I play on deadly difficulty I don’t have lot’s of resources. I tried to click on the map, on quest but to no avail. Am I missing something or the quests do not have autofocus on the target (which is fine in case with locations you need to scout, but with real cities that you need to patrol a road to it makes very little sense. Either do not give a quest to a city not yet revealed, or reveal the city when there is a quest for delivery or patrol to it, and please make quest area interactive, because you spend to much time just looking for a city south-east, or north west)