Reply To: [UI] Some suggestions for the UI

Avatar photoRahziel

Another suggestions for the UI completely unrelated to first post:

1. Could it be possible to have worldmap’s Daytime indicator visible while in town?
It might help to know when to expect next paytime – is it close or not, and can you afford to spend these scarce crowns you have left or should you sell something instead..

2. Related to 1st entry, Tooltip for Crowns doesn’t display total daily wage if amount you have is less than that, and same for Provisions if you have less than two days amount (which is weird, should be 1 day, especially since it’s consumed gradually, not as one time payment).
I think this information should be displayed regardless of having enough food and money (and warning if you lack it), just to be able to know how much you need to scrape your pockets in market to survive one more day.