Reply To: Pay day delay

Avatar photoRahziel

Nice idea,
I think it would be great if paytime would not be strictly at noon, but anywhere from noon till Evening or Dusk, and paid as soon as you have enough to pay it all, or by Night if you still don’t have money to cover wages, they’ll desert you.
It could be balanced with traits, like: Disloyal would abandon right away at noon, not even waiting for evening, while Loyal might wait until morning or more, with rest of Brothers making their final decision somewhere near Dusk time.

UPD: Right, it also could be an event each and every time someone decides to leave company, since they need to inform their leader anyway, and that’s where it’s time to shine for negotiation skills.
But just one thing bothers me, how would it look being swarmed with lots of negotiation talks while you try to drag their feet to designated town?