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    Avatar photoDoctor Slap

    I believe an option to delay the daily pay day until sunset would be quite welcome.
    Many times and I’ll use the current most time as an example I’ll receive a hefty contract with a great reward but with lofty resistance.
    I was contracted to kill a den of goblins for 1200(ish) so I stocked up on shields, cannondfodder, tools and some medicine which drained me of my cash but guaranteed me victory.
    Victory I had, not a single death and off we went but the den was deep in a forest and at night so my movement slowed to a crawl, I was an actual half second from reaching the town when my best man deserted me even though I was moments from collecting loads ‘o monie!

    Anyway an option to delay pay day until sunset would be great for people coming back from long treks to collect rewards.

    Also I’ll save you some time – counter argument: Maybe you should manage your money better :^)
    Maybe people shouldn’t desert when you be literally outside the gate.

    Also I believe if you extend pay day until sunset and still don’t pay your men there should be a bigger punishment.

    Avatar photoSpad

    I agree, but as you fail somewhere in this story as leader of the band, it must have a kind of compensation.
    Instead of a desertion straight away, maybe give us the opportunity to try to convince our men to wait one more day before leaving the band with the promise to give them a bonus. Bargainings could take place here (in the same way we haggle for the contracts). So desertion could still happen but perhaps this time if we fail to persuade our men, perhaps another day (with a higher probability if we do that too often).

    Avatar photoRahziel

    Nice idea,
    I think it would be great if paytime would not be strictly at noon, but anywhere from noon till Evening or Dusk, and paid as soon as you have enough to pay it all, or by Night if you still don’t have money to cover wages, they’ll desert you.
    It could be balanced with traits, like: Disloyal would abandon right away at noon, not even waiting for evening, while Loyal might wait until morning or more, with rest of Brothers making their final decision somewhere near Dusk time.

    UPD: Right, it also could be an event each and every time someone decides to leave company, since they need to inform their leader anyway, and that’s where it’s time to shine for negotiation skills.
    But just one thing bothers me, how would it look being swarmed with lots of negotiation talks while you try to drag their feet to designated town?

    Avatar photoDoctor Slap

    Both of you have solid answers, I don’t really have any solid fixes myself.
    I guess my best idea would be you skip the current day and pay double on the second day, which may give you enough time to collect your missions/raid that last ruin/ catch those fleeing bandits.

    A picture illustrating my original issue of being moments away from money but having units leave the warband.

    Avatar photoSarissofoi

    The same should go for food.
    Losing one meal is no reason to desert.
    Also i think instead slowly losing food hour by hour it should be done on Dawn and Dusk.
    I dont really think that soldiers snack all day and night.
    What do you think guys?

    Avatar photoRahziel

    Sure, mercenary band can skip a meal or two in times of need, but staying hungry for too long will affect their battle prowess and eventually lead to death of starvation. Oh! And it’s a good opportunity to suggest adding status/trait like Drunk-Hangover done, but related to food: Hungry, Starving. It should lower their Resolve, max Fatigue and Initiative, and maybe even AP by 1-2.

    But, on contrary, i vote for gradual consumption of food – it balances nicely with one-time money payments, and because from developers standpoint you can’t really decide for player or his characters when and how often they should eat:
    Maybe they eat properly 3 times a day? Or maybe they are a dirty esthetes and like to have 5-7 meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner, afternoon tea, evening meal, supper, midnight snack, and so on.. and then there is a random feast to celebrate something – doesn’t matter what, it’s just another reason to eat.
    Or maybe they chase their prey and have to eat on the move, not having spare time to sit and roast on campfire that strange meat you got recently.
    Which results in consuming their food stocks bit by bit. So let’s leave it as is and give freedom to our imagination.

    I took a look at how desertion works, and regardless of what you lack – money, food or both – when the pay time comes only one brother leaves, first in your roster in 95% cases, which should have been longest with you through thick and thin with blood and sweat, and most loyal to company, sans trait ‘loyal’. While beggars and other freshly recruited scum stays until the end, whole 12 days, which needed to disband your company this way one by one.

    And the notice avery time the same : “A man can only take it for so long before giving up. With no pay and going hungry every night, why risk your life fighting? You should get crowns and provisions fast, or more men will desert you. And before long, you’ll be alone.”

    Would be better if it was done like event system, with changing text according to circumstances and with useful suggestions and tips. And with probability to lose several random brothers, each time more so.

    Avatar photoSky

    Agree, the desertion needs more work put into it, more feedback of the characters state and opportunities to make them stay. They are “humans” aswell and they very well should understand that there might be times when there is no money. With food it’s a different story tho. The current desertion I think was not worked on since it’s not a widely spread thing, like I had one guy deserting me in 100 gameplay hours. There was not enought feedback to the devs about this, so people who experienced it or tested it in different ways realy should write it down and let the devs see.

    Avatar photokjellstor

    Not trying to hijack the thread, but I had some thoughts on this in a topic I posted a couple of days ago: A different take on money (wages)
    Would be interesting to hear what you think.

    Avatar photoRusBear

    I agree. I usually do not bring to this to some of my mercenaries deserted :), but the proposal itself is quite reasonable

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