Reply To: Allow some chance of recovering destroyed armor

Avatar photohar101

Upon first glance i figured “nah, if you get your armor broken you are the one at fault”… Just discussed this topic with a friend and now I think that this is a good idea!

I guess it’s a question of balance between game and realism. Is it realistic that a guy can take 5 chops of a sword and an arrow and keep fighting? No, but dying to a single blow wouldn’t make a very fun game. However I do think that it is realistic that if the armor takes the same beating as the person in it, it should still be able to repair. As it is in the game now, it’s 100% repaired later unless it takes that FINAL blow and then it’s destroyed forever. The armor would not be crushed to tiny pieces. The metal chunks and the rings in the mail would still survive.

I propose something like this… 10 or 20% chance that the battered up (0% armor left) armor will survive and be added to your inventory as a “broken” armor. So let’s say “broken scale mail” or whatever. And since it is so broken that it requires a skilled worker, your mercenaries can’t repair it themselves with their simple tools, you have to go to an armorer in the city who will repair it for you, for 1000 or 2000 gold or something. This makes it a little easier to cope with the loss of one of your best brothers and possibly ALL of his equipment at once.

The chance for broken equipment of slain enemies could be slightly lower, 5-10% maybe, and have the same fee at armorer of course. This would give more incentive to fighting heavily armored enemies, because as it is now, you usually end up destroying the armor of enemies before you kill them, unless you chop their head with a sword or axe weapon (by sheer luck).

Let me know what you think.

EDIT: Maybe the repair cost should be a a value based on the worth of the item, to make it more fair regardless of how far you progressed in the game… 30% for even 50% for challenging and 70 or 80% for the deadly difficulty.